Major 73 Evaluations And Complaints About Haier Washers & Dryers

Walmart+Washer+And+Dryer+ComboHaier designs solutions to boost consumers’ enjoyment of home at each stage of life—from university to initial apartment to all shapes of household living. Every single option champions intelligence, individuality and the human drive to generate the best residence, so that each interaction with the customer is a new opportunity to bring ease and joy to everyday life. Purchased pair in 2009, base models from Conn’s Appliances. They had been 50% less than other folks offered & have been the only brand that offered 3 cycles instead of many much more that we felt have been unnecessary. Have employed them everyday for at least 1 load & have had no issues at all for the past 5 years. The cost at $550 was what we like! Value is most essential but functionality has been much better than exceptional thinking about the frequency of use. They each get the job accomplished. We have a freezer by the very same manufacturer that has been reliable for 10 years. Full size standard, permanent press and delicate are the 3 cycles.

My son bought a Haier washing machine two years ago. We had it a month when it filled my house with smoke & burnt rubber smell & stopped. I pulled the plug, & referred to as the repair service. The repairman mentioned there was nothing wrong, I should have let it run out of balance. It has operated effectively until this weekend when it created really a racket, as the tub dropped right down on my floor! I have under no circumstances skilled something like this before and hope I never will. I have to get a new machine. YOU CAN BET IT Won’t BE A HAIER.

Took Brill to get rid of the rust stains. It seemed to function, so I decided to hook up the washing machine, washed the rest of the crystals particles and the rust stains that were inside the rubber portion of the tub. It worked fine, then ok, let me throw 1 shirt in it. It began to perform fine till it went on the spin cycle. It produced a large cracking noise, sounded like there were a whole bunch of rocks someplace inside the bottom of the tub (and no I wasn’t washing rocks either) then the spin cycle stopped. I called their client service division to complain. The rep told me that they try out the machine ahead of they send it to the consumer (I assume they forgot to dry the issue out and broke the spin cycle or forgot the rock sound on the spin cycle). I wrote to their support center. Now I’m just waiting for somebody to get back to me. They told me 2 days, so I will wait. This is very upsetting!

I purchased 1 about a year ago for aspect time use. I live by myself. It broke on the initial load of laundry. The warranty service people came out and fixed it. This took about 3 weeks. The dryer portion did not work quite properly so I was only employing it as a washer. Right after maybe 25 loads more than eight months the unit stopped functioning again and came up with the identical error code 7. I contacted the same warranty firm, they came out, looked at it and in no way came back or called. After a month I named them and was told my washer dryer combo only has a 90 day warranty so now I have a under one year old Haier that is junk. I refuse to spend any additional revenue on this Haier junk.

I bought a Haier washing machine in February 2016. The actuator tore from the mounting axle. With closer inspection it came to light that it is poorly created. The axle is actually held into position by 3 small spots. It is a miracle that it worked two months. Masters has arranged the replacement element from Brisbane but the component is incredibly poorly designed and can not deal with five kg. the way it is created. How really should I handle this? Please enable!!

Also considering that they are re-vetted (as an alternative of bolting) on to the central drum, so you have to replace the complete drum in case of corrosion of these components even even though the drum can be employed. This yet another hidden strategy to sell spares and make enterprise. I am pretty unhappy on the kind of construct high-quality this machine has. Also the spares are not simply readily available and the technician has opened the unit and is now hunting for spares. I regret my choice on getting this washing machine from Haier.Walmart+Washer+And+Dryer+Combo

This time, WOW DID IT EVER DRY THE Clothes!!! Superior evening alive, it did not take an hour for automatic dry immediately after washing, which typically takes about an hour the way we set it. So it was Fully Performed IN ROUGHLY two HOURS… not the standard two.5 or three hours like before!! And I mean totally dry also, and smelling great… just Best!! I wanted to say also, that immediately after seeing inside a couple of of the other makes on the videos and comparing them to what I saw under the hood of our Haier, the Haier wins hands down on high quality and strength of engineering inside.

I bought a Haier washer & and dryer from HHG a little more than a year ago, and let me tell you under no circumstances will I ever buy something made by them again. I haven’t had my washer but a little more than 1 year and it will not wash. It runs in water and it just sits there. I purchased my combo washer dryer machine on 10-1. It did not operate. It took till mid Nov. to get a replacement simply because I got the runaround from each G.E. and Household Depot. When the replacement ultimately came it leaked. It is now mid Dec. and still no washer and they can’t inform me where it is. Both G.E. and property depot have horrible consumer service.

Bought pair in 2009, base models from Conn’s Appliances. They were 50% significantly less than other folks offered & had been the only brand that supplied 3 cycles as an alternative of quite a few far more that we felt were unnecessary. Have made use of them daily for at least 1 load & have had no complications at all for the previous 5 years. The value at $550 was what we like! Price is most significant but performance has been better than exceptional considering the frequency of use. They both get the job carried out. We have a freezer by the identical manufacturer that has been reputable for 10 years. Complete size frequent, permanent press and delicate are the 3 cycles.

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